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I have been studying and working with energy for many years.  Everything is made of energy, including us.  Raising our vibration and fortifying our personal energy field (Aura) helps to keep us healthy, both physically and emotionally. 

I use my connection with the animal kingdom and mother nature along with my  innate intuition and knowledge to assists others in choosing the best 'tools' to help them on their life journey. 

About Me

Special Orders

Crystals and Essential oils both come from Mother Earth and carry vibrational frequencies that  helps to raise our vibrational frequency.  I provide handmade crystal bracelets, pet charms, and other jewelry items. 

I LOVE to do Special Designs with crystals chosen just for you, ask me for details.

In addition, I offer custom essential oil blends.  

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  • Kelley C.

    Absolutely adore my newest piece of jewelry, made by Linda! She is super talented and you can feel the love and positive energy she puts into her work! I have enjoyed her oil blends and now I’m enjoying her line of jewelry! Linda is fantastic at making sure you get exactly what you want and is very accommodating! I’m already pondering my next bracelet! Thank you for sharing your light and your talents, Linda!

  • Bonnie M.

    Top grade stones, silver and gold, such beautiful colors and so much more handmade craftsmanship

  • Sarah P.

    Linda is super talented and you can feel her love and positive energy. My Intuitive Reading was spot on! It brought tears to my eyes.  Linda was able to tune in and bring forth the exact messages I needed to hear.  Truly grateful.

  • Amy R.

    Linda is exceptional and I highly recommend her! Can't say enough good things about her and the wonderful services she provides.

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Rainbow Generators

When the sun hits the crystal enjoy the beautiful energy of Rainbows.

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Essential Oil Blends

Use Sage Clearing Spray to clear negativity from the air and your energy field.  This is a convenient way to clear your space without using smoke.  Great for hotel rooms, office spaces, rental cars, anywhere you need to clear or protect your energy.

Special Order Blends available.

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Soul Lee Crystals & Things

All items are handcrafted, reiki infused, and customized for you!